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DIY Feather Garland in 15 Minutes for Under $5

If there are two things I've learned since becoming a mom, it's how to get things done fast and on a budget. And since I'm more than a little obsessed with all things decor, I love anyway I can make an impact in a room without stretching my pocketbook! This DIY feather garland is a testament to the bountiful wonders of a bit of duct tape and some imagination...

I picked up some white duct tape for $1.25 and two packages of craft feathers for a total $2.50 at the dollar store. That's $3.75 TOTAL for this garland – less than the price of a grande latte, folks! I choose white for a soft and pretty look, but I think that black feathers would also look so cool in a monochromatic kids room. In the end, the two packs of craft feathers were enough for just over 5 ft of garland.

Materials for DIY feather garland

Step 1.

Line up your feathers with a ruler for a straight line. In hindsight, I think I might even skip this step because I think it would be pretty simple to make a straight line using the duct tape as a guide. 

DIY feather garland - line up feathers in a straight line

Step 2. 

Place your feathers along the bottom half of the duct tape on the sticky side.

Parade and Company DIY feather garland using duct tape

 Step 3.

Fold the tape over onto itself and the feathers and press together. Press the tape together step 3 feather garland DIY

You're done! Now if you have a sewing machine and are feeling adventurous, you could also try this DIY using a wide ribbon and sewing the feathers in. Or experiment with different kinds of tape (eg. a wide fabric tape). Let me know how it goes and what works for you!

Completed feather garland DIY

Parade and Company DIY feather garland



DIY feather garland for less than the price of a latte! Love!

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barley & birch
barley & birch

January 09, 2017

So clever! Love this!!

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