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Top 10 Nursery Trends Predictions 2017

It looks like 2017 is going to be another exciting year for nursery interiors! Here are our predictions on what will be the hot nursery trends in 2017. Let us know what you think will be trending this year in the comments below.

1. Playhouse Beds

If 2016 was the year of the 'house frame' floor bed, then 2017 will be the year of the playhouse or cabin bed. A souped-up version of the house bed, playhouse beds have the benefit of being elevated off the ground but having a fully enclosed sleep area – keeping toddlers from rolling onto the floor at night, while making bedtime fun!  

Playhouse bed 10 top nursery trend predictions

Source: Jen Wood House

2. Candy Colors

We are seeing a shift from the soft pastels of 2016 to a more saturated palette. Whereas the soft pastel rooms featured one or two colors, todays colorful rooms have no limits.

2017 Color Trends for Baby Nursery Design

Source: Four Cheeky Monkeys

3. Doll Houses

The wall-mounted house shelf phenomeon is still going strong, and in 2017 we will see more and more elaborate versions that are more 'doll house' than shelf. And these aren't your grandmother's furnishings – these dollhouse interiors rival some of the trendiest magazine spreads today.

Modern Doll House Ikea Hack Girls Bedroom Decor

Source: Whimsy Woods


4. Precious Metals

From brass cribs with a vintage flair to gold light fixtures and wall decor, nurseries are all about the sparkle using all types of shiny metals. 

Metallic Girls Nursery Decor by Hudson and Harlow Top Trends Kids Bedrooms 2017

Source: Hudson and Harlow

5. Boho

The Boho trend is a truly global one. From the tribal themes in Australian interiors to the 'south-western' flair in North America, this trend mixes global and local...anything goes! From dreamcatchers, arrows and feathers to macrame and moroccan rugs. 

Boho Nursery Decor for Baby, Design Inspiration 2017

Source: Bre Purposed

6. Garlands

Probably one of the most versatile trends, garlands can suit any decor no matter the gender or style. A budget-friendly way to make a big impact, garlands have made the leap from party decor to nursery decor.

Jae to the Wall Baby Tassel Garland Styled by Winter Daisy Kids Interiors

Source: Winter Daisy Kids

7. Murals

Although this trend has been predominantly mountain ranges, we expect that we will start seeing more variety with these DIY murals –from clouds to color blocking. 

Mountain Mural Boys Nursery Monochromatic Trend 2017

Source: MyHomeStyle89

8. Neon

These playful lighting alternatives, are great as wall art or a night light – infusing a pop of color with a modernized 1980s flair. Available as personalized name signs or shapes to suit all nursery themes, we think neon lights will only grow in popularity in 2017.

Neon Name Signs in Girls Rooms Trends in Decor 2017

Source: HideSleep

9. Play Rugs

Whether it's a soft place to lay down baby or a play mat for a busy toddler, play rugs are functional and decorative. 

Play Rugs for Kids Trends 2017

Source: Petit and Small

10. Monochrome

The black and white trend has been going strong for a couple years now, but has it reached its peak? It's a tricky one to predict. We are seeing the beginnings of a transition to more to greys and neutrals now, as well as the introduction of more natural elements.

2017 Nursery Trends Grey Monochrome Baby Boy Nursery

Source: _honeypunch

What do YOU think will be the top trends of 2017? Let us know in the comments below:



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Ella Forrestal
Ella Forrestal

September 17, 2018

I’m desperately trying to find the wall colours for your “pastel” bedroom (polka dots) I just love it!


December 08, 2017

Oh, soo cozy atmosphere. It hard to put in words how beautiful it is. Love those curtains and all litlle beds and carpets. Amm, are baby room window blinds still trendy? For example something like this : It is still stylish or better choose simple curtains?


December 04, 2017

Love your style and all those simple lovely details. So cozy. Amm, i want to ask about those windows. I have really large windowa i really need to cover them because i have not great neighbors. I was thinking about vertical window blinds for large windows. Do you have some examples? I looked some desings online . What do you think?


March 27, 2017

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Ricardo Vieira
Ricardo Vieira

January 25, 2017

i like! Thank you!

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