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Printables FAQs

1) What is the file format and resolution of my artwork?
All artwork is 300 dpi in jpeg format, which means it's high resolution and will look great when printed. 

2) What is the size of the artwork?
The artwork is sized to print at 8 x 10 inches. However, it can be sized up if you would like to print it larger, for a maximum of 11 x 14 inches. 

3) But the file I downloaded says it's a .zip – what does that mean?
.zip is a compression file format so it makes the files small enough to be able to download. Double-click on the .zip folder and it will uncompress. You will see your artwork folder! 

4) Do I need any special software to uncompress my artwork folder?
No, both PCs and Macs have the capability to unzip folders. Note: you will not be able unzip your folder from your smart phone – you must do it on your desktop computer. You WILL be able to view the jpeg files on your photo.

5) Where do I print my artwork?
There are many options for printing your new artwork. You can print it on your home printer, or at one of many online print services, such as Shutterfly, or your local big box store. Or if you would like it have it printed and framed try Framebridge. Of course, we can also print your artwork. Take a look at our website for options. 

6) Should I use glossy or matte paper?
This is entirely up to your personal preference. Using glossy photo paper will make your artwork more vibrant and shiny. Matte paper really depends on the printer you are using. A good quality inkjet printer will also produce vibrant colors.

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